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About Kpak Suppliers

This dynamic company is young, eager and growing exponentially, it owes its success largely to its company’s directors and staff who have an enviable and successful history of some 30years experience in this industry. 

The business is located in the southern industrial area of Alberton in Alrode South whilst manufacturing plants producing labels, printing services are located in Booysens, Johannesburg. The company is 100% black owned and is therefore fully BEE compliant.


To summarise our business, we proudly offer our clients, Printing and Packaging under one roof. Together with our various partners in Printing And Packaging, we are able to offer our clients a one stop hassle free solution for their packaging requirements coupled with unsurpassed quality products and unequalled service at competitive pricing The company’s facilities are centrally located within the ambit of its client base and easy access to main arterial routes. The company focus with regards to packaging in its entirety ie, corrugated cardboard cartons, printing products and consumable items respectively. Due to vast experience of the company’s team, its commitment to offering quality products and a personal service at competitive pricing makes us have the edge that is needed in this industry.On the packaging using some of the latest technology available we are Able to offer printing from flexographic to litho laminated printing.

The company thrives on ‘word of mouth’ philosophy. Clients are referred to us . This is largely due to our positive stance in the industry. Our market is segmented with the company supplying manufacturers, retail distributors, medical and removal sectors. Our client base ranges from century old manufacturers of household brand cookware, branded clothing and footwear , medical waste, to FMCG manufacturers and household brand food products covering pharmaceutical, veterinary health care, etc , including certain government parastatals.


Our printing partners having been offering specialist solutions to Large Corporates, Banking Institutes and various Government Departments for their Litho-Printing/Laser Printing/Mailroom Processing needs on a daily basis. With our High Volume printing and mailing needs under one roof ,we are able to manipulate Production Lines ,to meet even the tightest of deadlines.


The company is of the philosophy that competition is good for its business and to ensure sustainability and continued growth. It is the competition that keeps us on our toes and always ensures we are one step ahead. Somehow we all seem to co-exist. Maintaining good business relations and striking the right chord and balance with customers is essential and after years of still doing this, customers become loyal and supportive of you. We have the tools and skills due to the years of experience acquired and this is as an added edge over the competitions. Ours service, quality and pricing is never compromised.


Our organization comes heavily armed with good business acumen from strong financial foundations coupled with the flair for good sales attributions. All our key management players come with a wealth of experience in the packaging and printing sector with their primary strengths being financial, operations and sales. Management is headed by these key players together in tandem with our supervisor on the operations, assistants and vehicle drivers. We are committed and yes, we do go that extra mile for you! Its What we do!.

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8am – 5pm M – F

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206 Bosworth cnr,
Alrode South,

What we Do

We manufacture and supply a variety of corrugated products, packaging consumables, litho laminated products, agricultural packaging products and printing products.

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