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Our Company’s primary business is the Manufacture, Sales & Distribution of Packaging, Printing & Consumable products..

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What We Offer

Our Customer base includes and is not limited to, end users, consumers and manufacturers whereby we offer a holistic service and sales of all packaging products from corrugated cardboard cartons to consumables and stationery.


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Paper Products

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Corrugated products

We Provide Regular slotted cartons(RSC), All Flaps to Meet(AFTM), Fully overlapping Flaps(FOLF), Die Cuts Made to Spec, Trays, base and lids, Document Storage Boxes, Medical Waste Bins, Stock Boxes, Moving Boxes, Pallet Boxes, Point of sale display cases, We can manufacture to customers specifications.

Packaging consumables

We Provide Tapes(Various), Security Tape Printed to Spec, Tape Dispensors, Staples, Stapling Tools, SFK(Various Sizes), Brown Paper(Various Sizes and Spec), Shredded Paper, Rubber Bands, Strapping(Various Sizes and Specs), Wipes, Stationery(Items Various)

Kpak Agriculture Boxes

We Provide Fruit and Vegetables Boxes for Cucumber, Tomato, Green Beans, Banana, Apples, Lettuce.

Paper Products

We Provide high quality and graphic print which is used as a marketing tool for customers who want a unique and detailed presentation of there product. Target market sectors who currently use Litho Laminated products are cereals, chocolates, confectionery, fast foods, frozen products, sauces and spices etc.

Moving Kits

We Provide Laser Printing, Litho Printing, Vouchers, Delivery Notes, Invoices, Labels, Books, Continuous Paper(Plain and Printed), Bond Paper, Manuals, Menus, Catalogues, Letter Heads, Business Cards, Credit App, Presentation Folders, Compliment Slips, Calendars, Diaries.

Catering and cleaning products

We provide a variety of catering and cleaning products.

Why Choose Us


We are a licenced logistics and packing company. You supply all kinds of packing material

Affordable, Honest, Experienced

We have been around for over 10 years and we offer affordable rates.

Eco-friendly processes

Eco-friendly processes

90% of our products are manufactured from recycled material.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

- Desere Robberts, owner of Plan B Planners

I just received my boxes. They are perfect!!! I would like to thank you for your patience with me and your AMAZING service. You will be getting other orders from me as soon as I start running out of boxes.

- Mr E.B Kader, director of CBC Fastners Pty (Ltd)
Par excellence
Open Hours

8am – 5pm M – F

Our Office

206 Bosworth cnr,
Alrode South,

What we Do

We manufacture and supply a variety of corrugated products, packaging consumables, litho laminated products, agricultural packaging products and printing products.

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