Moving doesn’t have to be stressful. With the right information and guidance, you’ll be done in no time. Packing your own things can save you money, even when you’re using a moving company. If you’ve opted for the DIY route – we salute you – and we’re going to help you get things done. We’re sharing our top companies for packaging supplies in South Africa so you can get the best quality at the best price, no matter where you are.

Moving Boxes

You’d be surprised at how many different types of boxes there are for moving. Using the right ones can really simplify your move and the unpacking process.

  • General Moving Boxes: You might have heard the saying “It’s all in the packaging.” Well, that’s a lot like moving. The right boxes make all the difference. Choose boxes that are sturdy and keep their shape, so they can bear heavy loads without breaking.
  • Wardrobe Boxes: A wardrobe box is a large specially designed cardboard box with a metal bar along the top for hanging clothes on hangers and sometimes wheels on the bottom for gliding from room to room. It’s great for keeping your clothes wrinkle-free during your move.
  • TV / Painting Boxes
  • Linen Boxes


When packing up your fragile items, you’ll want to use padding to keep them from breaking. There are several options including packing peanuts, bubble wrap and wrapping paper.

You can also use towels, blankets and other soft materials if you’re looking for an eco-friendly option.

If you’re using boxes with your moving supplies, make sure to fill in any space so that items don’t shift around during the move.

  • Bubble Wrap: Bubble wrap comes in handy for protecting a wide range of fragile items—from small electronics to framed photos to glassware and even dishes. It’s also nice for cushioning furniture with sharp corners (like tables and lamps) and stapled cardboard boxes.
  • Cushion Craft Roll: Let’s call it bubble wrap on steroids. This padding has an extra layer of brown paper on one side. It is ideal for wrapping items that need extra protection.
  • Unprinted Newspaper Wrap: A flat sheet of unprinted newspaper (without ink that could stain wrapped items). Ideally used to wrap delicate items prior to boxing.


Packing tape: You need it to keep boxes closed, but you also need it to mend, seal and hold everything else together.

Tape Dispenser

You’ll also need a tape dispenser with a built-in blade. This nifty tool will help you get the perfect length of tape every time. It will also help you avoid scratching your furniture when sealing boxes (one less thing to worry about).

Cutting Tools

Blades & Scissors: A good sharp blade is essential for any move. You’ll want something that is easy to hold and cut with (no slippery handles, please). Bubble wrap comes in large rolls and you can either use your blade or sharp scissors to cut off pieces. Get a few because everyone helping you pack will need one.

Whether you are packing up an entire household or just one room, having the right packaging materials on hand will make your move a lot easier!


Marking supplies are important because they allow you to easily identify your boxes, and label them for the movers if you’re hiring a moving service. The markers you choose should be permanent and waterproof so they don’t wash off in transit.

It can be difficult to find good, inexpensive marking pens. Find something with a wide tip but that isn’t too big and bulky, they should also write well on cardboard boxes. Remember to choose a colour that contrasts the colour of your boxes (dark ink on light coloured boxes etc…)


Anyone who’s ever moved has had nightmares of boxes being manhandled when they shouldn’t be—you don’t want that to be your grandmother’s favourite china! Best to get some “fragile” and “this side up” stickers to slap on the boxes.


Labels are the most effective way to keep track of what is in each box and where it is going. You can use any kind of label, including the ones you write yourself with a marker or pen. You can even just use tape, stickers, or coloured paper that you already have around your house.

Just try to make things easier for yourself. That should be your motto when you’re planning your move – trust us.

Having the right supplies will make the packing process easier and less stressful

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