Self Erect Custom Base & Lid


*Made To Customer Specification.

Please send us your dimensions of the box (Length x Width x Height) and the quantity you require via any of the below ways:

  • Leave a message on our inquiry form on our homepage or our contact us page
  • Email us at
  • Whats App (Text Only): 011 900 1059



The Die-cut box is a custom design with many more style possibilities allowing for unusual cuts, slots and scores. Die-cut boxes require the creation of a cutting Die. Prime examples are display and promotional boxes, and pizza boxes.

** Disclaimer **

Please note that for repeat orders of boxes – Quantities of less than 2500 boxes, the material class and consistency will always vary due to minimum run not being achieved. The minimum order on repeat orders is 2500 boxes per reference / size to achieve the consistency. Boxes that are ‘faulty’ or cannot be used due to manufacturing default, will be replaced free of charge upon return of the unusable boxes.


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